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The site :


Route planner
Turning points can be:

The route planner shows:

Besides, it provides you with :

Where to land ?
You're going to Chambord castle or Stonehedge and don't know where to land ?
Nav3000 will tell you where are the nearest airfields. Tell where you wanna go. Your destination should appear in the window. If it does not, be more specific, give more details (country, region..., or use the local langage name for the place you're searching. Go then to step two and Nav3000 will show you on a map where you can land.

Aeronautical night
The beginning and end of the aeronautical (Civil) night. Between thses moments, you may fly day VFR. The result is accurate to the minute. It is done according to the official definition of the aeronautical night : sun at 6° below the horizon. It's a real astronomical calculation. You can get these schedules for each airfield in the database, including those of the Southern hemisphere: :

Units conversions
For most units useful to pilots.

Drift, crosswind, density-altitude, horizon
Which heading should you keep, given your speed and the wind direction and speed? How far can you see a VOR with no obstacle ?

Aeronautical events calendar
A free calendar to advertise fly-ins, aerial meetings, gatherings, and so on.... Events also appear on the corresponding airfield card. Add an event.

Will you guess which airfields appear on the pictures ?

Last updates
List of the most recently added or updated cards, sorted by countries.

Last pictures
The last airfields pictures added to the site. There is a link to this list on the "Last updates" page.

Add a picture
Which kind of pictures ?
Nav3000 already offers satellite pictures of all the airfields vicinity. This feature is rather meant for pilot's eye views of airfields, taken during a fly over or an approach.

You can add a picture using the update form for the airfield. Therefore, to add an airfield picture:

You can upload files up to 3 Mb.
- if there is already a picture for this airfield, you'll be warned. You'll then be able to choose either to overwrite it with your own or to cancel the process.
- If you want to, don't hesitate to add your name on the pictures before you upload them.

Notams and Flights plans
Link to Olivia, official civil aviation provider of Notams for France. Unfortunately, Olivia has no Notam for countries out of Europe. I'm trying to find a way to provide South African and Canadian pilots with Notams as well. Flights plans from and within France can be filled up on the Olivia server.

Simply enter the ICAO code to get the latest METARS and TAFS.

Useful links

Threatened airfields
This page is in French only and only deals with French airfields... yet. If you have information about a threatened airfield in an other country and would like to use this page to let other pilots know, maybe organize something to defend the airfield, contact me.

To contact me.

The Forum
Divided into two sections : French and English. Each of them includes two rooms to discuss our passion : flying.