Homepages including AIP for different countries :


A French site dealing with French airfields.


Links towards airports homepages.


The microlight belgium association webpage, including charts and cards for several belgium airfields.


The web page of the german gliders association, in German.

UK airports news

News and articles about many UK airports. Updated daily.

South Africa : SAPFA

Homepage of the South African pilots of powered aircraft. Many useful information available.



METEO & NOTAMS & Flight plans in French and English : OLIVIA

The official French site of the DGAC (civil aviation authority). To get the meteo information actually provided by Meteo France you need a code which you can get for free. Browse Fly in France for more details. If you fly in France, Olivia will provide you with automated METARS which are not available anywhere else. (Try LFLN for exemple)

Weather forecast : NOAA

The US webserver for worldwide Metars and Tafs.


A german site depicting live lightning bolts strikes all over western Europe. A "must see" in summer, to follow the motion of a thunder line. A lot of other usefull features available on this site, all related to wheather. A great adress, in my opinion.



A free aircraftpool and carpool web site to advertise and share your flights.

An air pictures gallery :

A free and open gallery dedicated to air pictures from all over the world where all pilots can add and show their own air pictures.

Fly in France

All you need to know to come and fly in France : regulation, advices, where to go...


An swiss website with plenty of interesting things. Among them, an Earth viewer displaying real time or user-chosen time day and night areas. (Sample in the aeronautical night form.)

Microlighters South Africa

A forum dedicated to microlights in South Africa.

Flyer Magazine

An english aviation magazine with the most active forum dealing with aviation in the UK.